Christmas Wishlist – Chatty Feet Picks

Our Christmas Wishlist 2017 is JAM PACKED with fantastic products from designers/makers. We are thrilled to be joined by a selection of wonderful Creative Judges who will be shortlisting their top picks from the list. First up is Chatty Feet, this is their shortlist and their number 1 pick will be announced at the end of the Wishlist.

Gift Wrap ‰- AZURE – ALBOAE – View on Wishlist

Nature is the greatest inspiration. Whenever we see something that resembles the complexity of nature it brings admiration. This wrapping paper will elevate any gift to a new dimension.

Penguin In The Snow Christmas Cards – Wolf & Ink – View on Wishlist

It’s not the most happy card at first glance – A penguin, all alone in the snow but if you’re optimistic, you can imagine inviting him inside a for a cuppa!

Circus Monkey Plate – Mister Berwyn – View on Wishlist

What I like here is the connection between the small round wheel and the round shape of the plate.
The fearful expression of the monkey is amazing.

Christmoose Christmas Card – Plewsy – View on Wishlist

Christmoose! Good pun and the illustration is charming. Looks more friendly than in reality…

Team Awesome 20mm Enamel Pin Badge – House Of Wonderland – View on Wishlist

Who wouldn’t want to join Team Awesome? Perfect for events and human-bonding awesomeness.
Get it with Commander Awesome!

Big Top Circus Cushion – Mister Berwyn – View on Wishlist

When there is nothing interesting to watch, this cushion brings the circus home with you! Just be careful not to put your head too close to the tigers…

Pop necklace (yellow) – one we made earlier – View on Wishlist

This necklace has a zen look and probably inspired by Architecture. The orange ball stands out so well next to the concrete shapes. I can really see it selling at the Barbican Centre if it’s not already there.

Thinking Cap – MERRIMAKING – View on Wishlist

Most hats have a saying or a graphic but this one is the first that exposes your brain activity! It’s a little bit like a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign when you have to do some serious thinking. I wish that the triangles below could be animated, like a loading bar online. You will probably be asked ‘about what?’ all the time…

Origami Notepaper Set : Bella – Lollipop Studio – View on Wishlist

Secret notes with characters! Is it a paper airplane too? Refreshing to see a new format for a greeting card.

Hedgehog and tree necklace – Claire Gent – View on Wishlist

The scene is magical and this necklace looks really fun to wear. It tells a story within a very limited space. It’s obvious that the Hedgehog is curious to know more about these pretty trees…