Spread happiness in 2017

We asked our lovely designers pals to share a piece of inspiration, advice or a motivation quote they are living to, to help us all lead a happy creative 2017.


Tom Pigeon Studio

“We will all be PLAYING more in the Tom Pigeon studio in 2017… with colours, materials, shapes, patterns, products and ideas.”


Mel Chadwick

“In my business & creativity for 2017 I’d like to learn that failure is not an end but the start of something new – learning to fail well”


Holly Booth

“In 2017 I’m focusing on working AND resting hard :) I’m ready to start being kinder to myself which I hope will benefit my business too.”


Victoria Eggs

“I’m going to be making lots more mistakes in 2017! I know that if I’m making mistakes then I’m trying, making, creating, living and learning new things!”

Angela Chick

“I guess the biggest thing for my professional life is to remember to be excited! It’s so easy to get lost in the stress of it all but it’s MY fault that it’s busy so hey :)”

Alice Potter

“I overthink everything in my life, and with that comes too much anxiety and fear. I need to accept that some things are out of my control and be a little more brave in my everyday life.”

Anwen Pegrum – pea{style}

“Less is more is a term that’s been batted about in design for years and I’ve always lived by this (I’m not a fan of clutter!) I’m now striving to take this one step further and apply this to my work / life. Doing less, but doing it well and using my time wisely.”