Introducing our fab designer and maker Blokk. Making the best contemporary minimal jewellery around today. We love the texture & designs of each statement marble and metal piece. Each are handmade in England by Gemma’s fair hands too!

How & when did you start out?

Blokk came from a desire to express a different form of creativity into my working life, I wanted to start a brand and have the freedom to create whatever I wanted, from start to finish, including all the parts I really enjoy, like creative direction and styling. I have always had a weak spot for collecting jewellery and accessories, so gravitated towards this idea, (and my sewing skills are abysmal so that wasn’t even an option).

I began working on initial ideas in September 2015, so nearly a year ago, working from my top floor apartment in Manchester which is nestled up in the eaves and also from my Dad’s shed in Lancashire looking over rolling hills, to do the more labour intensive tasks.

Where do you get your inspiration & motivation from?

My inspiration comes from the things around me, whether it be people, objects, or places, and my motivation is from wanting to make my brand the best it can be.

Here are some things that inspires me,

Minimalism, geometric shapes, graphic prints and patterns, concrete, marble, tonal colours, plants, Scandinavian style, Brutalist architecture, Modernist architecture, my friends and family, botanical gardens, metallics, monochrome palette, travel, rock pools, The Isle of Eigg, beautiful floors, recycled papers, other female makers, shadows on the walls of my apartment, among other things!

Share with us what it is you love about the products you create!

I love how a piece of jewellery can add so much personality and style to a simple outfit. I think Blokk works in that way, my designs are simple with clean lines but make a statement. I’m proud of the fact all my products are handmade with care, and so much thought has gone into making each individual piece, from drilling to hand sanding each block (good for the arm muscles), then building and securing each necklace, it’s a process I take time and enjoyment from.


We’re absolutely thrilled to be stocking a collection of Blokk’s beauties in our online shop – take a look today!