Interview with Elizabeth Dot Design

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Elizabeth Dot Design is a fresh new business who is bringing back to life mid century furniture and giving it a unique modern finish. Saved from landfill and carefully restored; we love what Elizabeth is doing! We are thrilled to catch up with her to ask her a few questions about her new venture.

We love your new range of mid century furniture with a modern finish! What was your inspiration for starting the business?

I’ve always enjoyed doing creative projects so when it came to decorating my home it seemed natural to start painting the furniture! I loved the process of taking something old, and making it look contemporary. Not only
that, but creating something unique for my home. I realised that’s what a lot of people are looking for, and from there it started to turn from a hobby to a business idea. Plus, my habit of searching for old furniture had
turned into a daily fix, and the house was filling up quickly!

Elizabeth Dot Design - Mid Century Teak Chest of Drawers

Mid Century Teak Chest of Drawers Painted in White & Coral with Triangle Design

The bits of furniture are beautiful, where do you source the original pieces from?

Anywhere and everywhere I can! There’s a great deal of searching involved but I really enjoy it, especially the feeling when I find something a bit different. Many of the pieces were unwanted, and heading for the local landfill. I’ve had more than a few strange looks from people whose ‘rubbish’ I’ve snapped up, especially as I’m so excited about it!

They all look like a very high quality finish. Is all the work completed by hand? How long does it take you to do each one?

I renovate each piece by hand, from start to finish. It’s a long process, the furniture I’ve been working with is up to 65 years old so there’s a lot to do to ensure it’s repaired before painting and refinishing. I take pride in the finish, but I can be a little too meticulous at times and the hours often run away from me!

Elizabeth Dot Design - Mid Century Sideboard by Shreiber

Mid Century Sideboard by Shreiber Painted White with Ombre Duck Egg Drawers

What is your favourite piece of furniture you have created so far?

I keep changing my mind on this as it always seems to be the piece I finished last! So that would be the chest of drawers in white, with a triangle design making a feature of the teak drawers. I love how crisp and clean this piece looks on the outside, but every time a drawer is opened, a bright pop of coral pink is revealed.

Do you have a dream piece of furniture you would like to make? Also are you taking requests?

I’ve used patterned papers to line the drawers of past projects, but I would like to use some really bold paper on the exterior. I’m drawn to leaf prints and have my eye on a tropical banana leaf paper, so that could be featuring on a future piece, if I dare! I’m always open to custom requests, I’ll also be posting new stock on Twitter and Facebook before restoring it, to give people a chance to put in a requests for things I’ve already sourced.

Elizabeth Dot Design - Mid Century Teak Chest of Drawers Painted Bright Blue

Mid Century Teak Chest of Drawers Painted Bright Blue

What are the plans for the future of Elizabeth Dot Design?

At the moment my shop is based online, but in future I’d love to have a studio big enough to work in and display everything. It would be great to meet the people who are interested in buying my furniture, although it’s tough to see it go!

Find all these wonderful designs and more in the Elizabeth Dot Design online shop HERE.