London Skyline Architectural Chess Set – Skyline Chess

original_london-skyline-architectural-chess-set-1 original_london-skyline-architectural-chess-set original_skyline-chess-london-edition-1

Ever been starring at Big Ben and think I want to use you as a chess piece?! The London Eye, I just want to pick you up and put you on my chess board?! Of course you have and now you can with the new London Skyline Chess Set.

“In this set, Pawns are terraced houses, Big Ben is the Rook, with the London Eye playing the Knight. The Gherkin is cast as the Bishop, and the Shard lends its elegance and might to the role of the Queen. No other building than Canary Wharf would be better suited to play the King, and this piece stands at four and a half inches tall.

Each of the weighted pieces is made using injection moulded high-grade acrylic, picking up the finer architectural details of each building. The pieces have soft felt bases and come in a protective velvet drawstring bag.”