Spring Wish List 2015 – Award Winners


Thank you so much to all the designers/makers that took part in our Spring Wish List 2015. Such an amazing array of talent and fantastic products on show. Also thank you to everyone who visited the Wish List and helped support the designers/makers by sharing their favourite products.

As always there were awards up for grabs with the winners getting free promotion on our home page and free entry to the upcoming Summer Wish List.

Right here we go with the winners!

Most Shared

Winner | Just Because Notecards – Dear To Me


Blog And Buy Sale Pick

Winner | Zoo Fest – Retro Upcycled School Chair – Handsome Vintage


Winner | Ella necklace – One We Made Earlier

Yeshen Venema Photography



Guest Creative Pick – Not Another Bill

Winner | 1-3 Willow Road London – Giclee Art Print – Oscar Francis London


When i was growing up i always wanted to be an Architecture (or dinosaur hunter) it was only when my physics teacher told me i needed to be good at maths did my career path change. But it’s left me with a huge fascination for architecture and buildings in general. I’m also a big fan of the Oscar Francis Studio and all their prints. I love the use of colour and space in this graphic willow road print. (My sister is called Willow too so extra biased)


Again thank you to everyone that took part. Interested in taking part in our upcoming Summer Wish List? Applications are now open! You can find out more by clicking here or the banner below.