Cocoa Hernando’s Milk Chocolate With Pink Diamand Salt

We recently had the pleasure recently of meeting the lovely Paul Tomlinson, founder of Cocoa Hernando – a company producing  luxury travel inspired chocolate.


We are still dreaming of this pink diamond salt milk chocolate. With just one square of Cocoa Hernando chocolate – you are whizzed on a virtual tour around the world. 


The concept behind Cocoa Hernando, a luxury chocolate brand, set up by the digital designer Paul Thomlinson is to capture the essence of a place through local flavours. This guy knows something about the concept of connecting flavours and places. 

Here’s a bit about the company Cocoa Hernado from Paul himself:

The idea for Cocoa Hernando was concocted following a train journey across India in January 2012. It was on the Netravati Express, rolling through Kerala – where I was spending most of my time staring at the beguiling landscapes of temples, lakes & palm trees and chatting warmly to fellow passengers – when I was handed a small cup of steaming masala chai tea. It was an unforgettable moment as the flavours of the tea completely blew my mind. I’d never tasted anything like this intoxicating blend of cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger & milk and it became the one flavour which personified India for me. The chai also soon made me wonder how well these amazing spices would combine with my favourite food, chocolate……Paul Tomlinson, Cocoa Hernando.


“In January 2012 I was travelling through Kerala with my girlfriend,” explained founder Paul Tomlinson. “We were on a train and as we pulled into a station a cup of masala chai was handed to me.  I was blown away by the flavours and aroma of this richly spiced tea. It became the flavour of India for me. It was a total light bulb moment.  I just started thinking the flavours of the tea would work really well with chocolate.

On his return home, Paul started experimenting with chocolates and spices, and began thinking about the brand and business he wanted to develop.  At the time he was working as a freelance digital designer developing interactive web applications.  Although he enjoyed his work, he was looking for a different direction.


Paul’s has a fantastic range of different flavoured chocolates, that feature in many different high end stores around the country. His aim now is to approach more and more department stores in Europe.  There is a whisper he is also developing a London bar which will be launched by the end of the year as well as more and more products being introduced to the range as well a milkshakes!

This guy is going places!