David Shrigley takes over restaurant Sketch in London


Awesome news guys, the amazing artist David Shrigley has installed 239 new works on the restaurant walls of London restaurant Sketch!

The great thing is he hasn’t stopped at the restaurant walls to put his artistic touch on, Shrigley has gone crazy creating and designed a set of his own ceramic plates, teacups and teapots.

Shrigley says, ‘It will be the first artwork that I have made that can go in the dishwasher. It will be very clean artwork. Clean artwork is good artwork, in my opinion.’

The Glasgow-based artist is most known for his crude style of amusing drawings and comical text, his body of work encompasses sculpture, photography, music, prints and film. Nominated in 2013 for the Turner Prize, Shrigley was recently awarded the Fourth Plinth commission for Really Good, a 10ft high bronze hand featuring a jovially elongated thumbs-up.

The ceramics will be available for purchase online from his online shop from the beginning of July and David Shrigley at sketch opened on Friday 6 June 2014. Book now to visit.

9 conduit street
London W1S 2XG