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Thanks to Jan & Dan for getting in touch with us about their new brand The Lost Fox. We absolutely love their limited edition screen prints. Find out more about them below.

The Lost Fox have just launched their website, at

The Lost Fox are designer/illustrator Dan Forster and printmaker Jan Hirst, who have combined their skills to set up a new venture together, producing limited edition screen prints.

Their prints combine contemporary illustration – bold geometric forms and simplified line-work – with the traditional craft of screen printing. The designs are inspired by their passions and experiences outside of work life – messing about in the great outdoors, riding waves and discovering new places.

Dan Forster, co-founder of The Lost Fox, said: ‘Both working in the creative industry, we believe it’s really important to get away from your desk and seek new inspiration elsewhere. Sometimes you have to make a conscious effort to break routines and even get a little lost in order to make the best new discoveries. So this is what our prints are – slices of inspiration shaped and interpreted by our love of contemporary design’.

All their prints are individually signed and numbered limited editions, and being designers, they’re typically fussy – only those they’re 100% delighted with make the final cut.

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