Five top tips for great product photography

Having decent photos of your products is SO important – and I’m not just saying that because I’m supposed to. If you’ve spent loads of time and effort creating an amazing piece of work, why undersell it with a bad product shot?

Good product photography makes you stand out, it helps your online shop look more professional, and the images are more likely to be snapped up by blogs and magazines, which means more coverage for you – high five! To get you started, here are my top five tips for getting great photos of your products:

1. Use natural light

If you use artificial light it can alter the colour of your product, so using natural light is your best option. Shoot near a large window in your home/studio. If it’s too bright, you can use cloth or paper to diffuse the light coming through the window.


2. Take lots of photos

Remember to take plenty of photos of each item, covering different angles and focusing in on any details. This allows you to show the customer how the product was made, plus any interesting details that make your work special.


3. Props

Choosing the right props for your photographs can be tricky, but consider the purpose of the product you’re selling, as well as it’s size, colour and shape. From here you can select props that emphasise these things and compliment them.


4. Background

Try experimenting with different textured surfaces to use as a base or background for your shot. Avoid clashing colours, crazy patterns or locations that simply don’t suit your product.


5. Use a tripod

A blurry photo of your product isn’t going to help you sell it! Remove any risk and use a tripod when photographing your products. You don’t necessarily have to buy a super expensive one; there are lots of options for different budgets.