Merit Badges – Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes





What a great little stocking filler from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes. These little Merit Badges are laser cut out of walnut wood.

“Merit badges are no longer just for the enthusiastic Girl Guide or intrepid Scout; Indie Merit Badges are for those with super skills like making a great cake, growing some awesome facial hair or even just drinking a lot of coffee. Each badge is laser cut in lovely dark walnut wood and comes with it’s own Checklist of Requirements that the recipient should complete to earn their badge of honour.

There are 10 Indie Merit Badges in total: Cake, Cat, Coffee, Cycle, Gamer, Heartbreak, Mixtape, Moustache, Tea and Vinyl. Which one suits you, or your best friend?

Every Indie Merit Badge comes in a hand stamped brown gift box with its Checklist of Requirements and can be gift wrapped in brown paper and pretty red and white twine on request.”