Kickstarter campaign case study – ChattyFeet


We have been asked a lot about the crowd funding website Kickstarter and if we would recommend it or not. Now firstly we just want to make very clear that we are not in anyway connected or being sponsored by Kickstarter to publish this story. Personally we have not used the site but our good friends ChattyFeet have had first hand experience of running a KickStarter Campaign and we would love to share their story with you all.

Running a Kickstarter project was very challenging and we had to really pull our socks up to make it happen.The first step was creating our video. We came up with a script where the core concept was that we were trying to explain our ideas but our crazy socks would keep interrupting us. When we had our first draft we gave it to our copywriter, Philippa, and our friend Andrea who gave us great ideas and made the script much better.

When it came to filming we asked Jeremy who has produced wonderful videos for us and our socks before such as ‘The Large Laundry Collider’. He created a storyboard and then shot the video and animated the socks at the same time.
It was a surprisingly challenging job but we were so happy with the results. As part of the filming we also had to rent a birdcage for the scene when Murdoc is sleeping off-guard and has let Mr Zukkato escape. It’s safe to say there’s no such thing as a dull day with ChattyFeet.

After filling in all the project details and coming up with rewards for backers we submitted our project and were delighted to see it running after few days. An extra reward was suggested by our friend Chris. He thought we should offer people who donated £150 the opportunity to design their own socks!


At the beginning of the project you usually get lots of support from family and friends. We managed to raise almost half of the amount we asked for in seven days. It felt great but then it suddenly became really quiet. We asked people for support on social networks and also attended some events to spread the word about our funky sock project on Kickstarter. We even wrote emails to long-lost friends. It doesn’t always feel great to ask for help but we are passionate about what we do and really wanted to make it happen.

We also kept an eye on what other Kickstarter projects were doing; how often they sent updates, what was their reward structure and how they used social networks. Contacting other people who were running a project on Kickstarter made a lot of sense because you both have a shared interest in helping each other.

We followed many crowdsourcing account on Twitter and Facebook and asked them to share our project. Our funky socks were featured on various blogs so we contacted the bloggers and told them about our project. Our friends at HolyCool also wrote a post about our new collection and shared a link to our Kickstarter project which was great.


Finding out where the people who would like your product are is one of the biggest marketing challenges. We thought that puppeteers might like our funny socks because they are a bit like a sock puppet so we wrote to them and also published an article on one of their forums. This turned out to be a good idea and some of them supported our project.

Another group that we targeted were character designers on Behance. We thought that, because our funky socks are designed by illustrators, some of them might help us to spread the word and that turned out to be true.

There were moments we were not sure if we were going to make it but we kept on going and giving it new energy every day. One of our friends even sent a fantastic email to his colleagues which really helped!


The last week was amazing and the notifications of new funding pledges kept on buzzing – music to our ears!

Finally our project was funded and it felt amazing. We got £7,593 from 209 backers. We took an evening to celebrate our achievement but had to start working on the production immediately. No sense wasting time! We are now working on producing our socks so we can give the rewards we promised to our dear supporters!


But we would also love to help others achieve the same success as we did. If you have any questions about running a Kickstarter project which we didn’t answer here please do get in touch and we will try our best to share what we learned from our experience.

Good luck!