GR-EGGS – New Gregg Wallace pudding flavoured Eggs

GR-EGGS - Greg Wallace Eggs


Gregg Wallace to release his own luxury range of eggs this year!

Gregg Wallace, co-host of TV cookery competition MasterChef, and who is more affectionately known to the world as Gregg The Egg is bringing out his own product…


Gregg the Egg the former Greengrocer teamed up with with a local farm to produce these new ‘pudding flavoured’ free-range eggs. These eggs are produced using birds that are permitted to roam freely within a farmyard, and are allowed as many puddings as they want under Gregg’s watch. Each egg has a hint of a different dessert flavour, being it a chocolate fondant, apple crumble or lemon meringue. These chickens love their puddings!

Gregg who’s own head looks like it would flip open to reveal a lovely soft-boiled yolk, is finally found his true calling, “GR-EGGS!” . Truly, it doesn’t get eggier than this!