Interview with Burgerac

NOM NOM NOM we love a good burger and have been avid followers of Burgerac as he goes on his mission to find the perfect Burger. What also caught our attention was the various burger related products he has discovered along the way and even collaborating with designers to make his very own! We are delighted to have a chance to find out more about the burger detective and what else is in store for Burgerac.


So how long have you been a burger detective and why did you start?

I started Burgerac two years ago in response to the increasing frequency with which I was coming across remarkably good burgers in London.

Have you found the perfect burger yet?!

I’ve found plenty of flawless burgers – and you can read all about ’em on the blog or find them for yourself using my iPhone app (Android version due for release in Feb next year).

What was your first artist collaboration?

I invited 24 artists to contribute to the Burgermat Show in June 2011. Each image maker created a new piece of burger-themed artwork for the show which took the form of a two-night, ticket-only, burger pop-up organised in collaboration with Daniel Young of Young & Foodish / Burger Monday. The tickets sold out within about 20 mins of them becoming available! All the artwork was printed and displayed as paper placemats signed by the artists and burgers created by chef Fred Smith were served to those in attendance. Good times!

What is your favourite all time burger related product?

Besides the ones I’ve made? Oooh, that’s a tough one. I’ve just got a burger keyring that makes a burping sound when you press a little button on it. That’s pretty funny, though completely pointless. I guess when it comes down to it, my burger CD wallet is my favourite burger product (among those that I actually own) as it’s fun and serves a purpose.

Any exciting collaborations in the pipeline?

There are a few more product ideas in discussion for sure. I’m hoping to make more stuff with Rob Flowers and I’m super excited to be working on something with James Joyce too. Oh, and I’m super excited to be working with Shoreditch-based publishers Nobrow on a print project which we’ll launch in Spring 2013.

Any plans to set up your own burger restaurant?

Ha,no – I like eating burgers far more than I like cooking or serving them!

What’s your record number of burgers consumed in a day?

I recently (last weekend) had to sample seven burgers as a judge in a best burger contest held at the EatMeUp event held to mark the launch of a new food app called HitMeUp. The standard was ridiculously high and I wanted to eat all of every burger – but, of course, I had to pace myself and only have a few mouthfuls of each. And after the competition, I had to go home and have a lie down!

Be sure to check out the brilliant Burgerac blog where you can also find all the fantastic burger related products for sale.