Top 10 LEGO® fashion accessories

LEGO® began manufacturing interlocking toy bricks in 1949 and are still going strong. The beautiful thing about LEGO® is that you are only limited by your own imagination. We personally used to try and build a house out of LEGO® before running out of bricks and smashing it down in frustration!!

These following creatives have been a lot more clever with their building skills. This is our Top Ten list of  LEGO® fashion accessories that are currently available from creative sellers. Enjoy!

1 | Multicolor clutch made entirely with LEGO® bricks. – Buy Now

2 | Handmade Up-cycled LEGO® Brick Ring – Buy Now

3 | LEGO® Building Brick Mini Stud Earrings – Buy Now

4 | LEGO® Shark Necklace = Buy Now

5 | Gold building brick cufflinks = Buy Now

6 | LEGO® Bow Tie = Buy Now

7 | Handmade Upcycled Mini Figure Necklace – Buy Now

8 | LEGO® Scarf – Buy Now

9 | LEGO® Flower Patch Ring = Buy Now

10 | Love Heart Building Brick Plate Necklace – Buy Now