Dudebox – Creative Platform

Will Hamilton, of Dudebox dropped us a line this week to tell us about the new super cool creative platform Dudebox. Their aim being to gather together the best artists around the land to design onto limited edition vinyl models. Take a read to find out a little bit more about the Dudebox empire and all the cool products available in their online shop, read about the artists, as well as seeing how you too can get involved.


Dudebox was born 2 years ago to loving family devoted to their love of art, design and creative culture. Since that time it has been growing into a delightful young business, thriving on the insistence that art is available to everyone. We provide a delightfully simple, yet highly awesome platform for a wide variety of artists/illustrators/animators/whoever to exhibit their (in some cases) wonderfully bizarre ideas onto 3D vinyl figures which are then made in limited edition batches for all you lucky ducks.


We work primarily with a whole plethora of artists, from the well known and respected like Pete Fowler and Mark Gmehling, to the up and coming young blood of Hicks 54 and Andreas Krapf. From the US to AUS, we employ the wonderfully sharp talents of artists to inspire the secretly creative (they may not be aware of it!) to pick up a pen, pencil, brush, stamp, pineapple, hamster or whatever, to scrawl out their character on our wonderfully egg-shaped ‘Dudes’.


There are currently 3 varieties of ‘Dude’, with more due for imminent release into the wild. As a collectible, we are always trying to make sure we get only the freshest and newest ideas onto our ‘Dudes’ so that each looks different, but at the same time still recognisable in our large family of monsters. You can check out our progress in the U.S of A in October when we hit the Comic Con to exhibit our wares to our cousins across the water after, opening our US store to the e-public. You can do this by checking out our blog on our site, which also tends to harbour some of the tastiest creative produce the web has to offer.


Without even the mildest sniff of self-promotion, get over to dudebox.com and have yourselves a cheeky browse, say hello if you like, share work, leave hurtful comments (don’t actually) and get involved! Sharing is caring after all!