Catch up Interview with Kigu

If you haven’t yet been in or seen a Kigu suit then where have you been?! They are the most comfy and fun fancy dress you can imagine! They are a must have for a crazy night out and also double up as an essential bit of lounge wear for the day after.

We interviewed Kigu nearly a year ago now! You can read the orginal interview here where we found out the story behind the brand. It is brilliant to catch up with them again but this time we thought we would put a few questions to them that they might normally get asked.

Celebrities such as Lily Allen have been caught in action wearing Kigu, but who has been the most favourite person to be spotted wearing your suits?

We’ve been really lucky to have loads of wicked people wearing our Kigus, from heavyweight musicians like Damian Lazarus and Alex Turner to more glossy-friendly celebs like Daisy Lowe and Florence Welch. Apparently there’s a girl on Celebrity Big Brother wearing a Giraffe Kigu as pyjamas every night at the moment. But if we had to pick a favourite it would probably be a toss up between Bestival’s  Rob Da Bank and Sharon from Birds of a Feather – we really didn’t see that one coming!

Obviously Kigu suits are great lounge suites..but where is the most ridiculous places you have worn yours??

We’ve been in some ridiculous situations, but when it comes to wearing a Kigu in a weird place, Kigu Crew members really put us to shame. You can see all the pics up on the Kigu Crew Facebook Page. Wakeboarding, bungee jumping, boxing, scuba diving, dodgeball competition, log flume, igloo, moped, cross country skiing, Tesco, petrol station, Job Centre – we’ve had it all.

Whats the rudest thing you’ve done in a Kigu suit?

I assume you’re asking whether I’ve ever worn one in the bedroom? Never have. We leave that kind of thing to the furries who seem to prefer fluffier, more mascot-like costumes to Kigus.

If you were on a desert island and you could only take one Kigu suit which one would it be and why!?

That would have to be the Kangaroo. Quite simply because in addition to the normal side pockets, it’s got a big pocket on the front which could come in useful when foraging for nuts, berries and exotic plants. It also comes with a joey which you can unbutton from the pouch and use as a handy pillow.

If two Kigus were to procreate, what would be the best cross breed?

That’s a difficult question. It would be great to get a combination that would produce a comedy name, like a Bulldog and a Shih Tzu. The Dinosaur’s got the best tail by far and the Red Panda’s got the best face. So maybe a RedPandaSaur.

Weirdest place you’ve ever woken up in a Kigu?

I’ve woken up in the middle of a field in a Kigu on multiple occasions – not sure if that really counts as weird or not. Also under a Luton van at Secret Garden. Seen somebody at our Totally Tropical Kigu Party wake up in a coconut shy. That’s pretty weird I suppose.

What have you got to say to the people who buy the shitty Primark onesies?

Nothing really. People should buy what they want from wherever they want. Some people shop at Asda and other people shop at Waitrose. I shop at both for different things and you generally know what you’re going to get in terms of quality, by the price. It’s horses for courses (no pun intended).

We’re really excited about our new Kigu Kids range that we’ve just launched at We’ve got the Tabby Cat, Penguin, Tiger, Dinosaur, Panda and Giraffe in sizes suitable for kids aged 3 to 9. In addition to that, we’re planning this year’s Kigu Halloween Party and about to start for all the Aussie Kigu fans. Lots more new products in the pipeline for 2013.