Ace Space – Littlegreenshed

Welcome to Ace Space. In this feature we have a little snoop around creative spaces and see where the magic happens! This week is Lou and her wonderful brand Littlegreenshed…lets go!


Hello, my name is Lou and I am an Illustrator, Photographer & Blogger.  I go by the name of Littlegreenshed. I am based in Bristol, UK where I live with my partner Dan and my two young sons.

My studio space is in the small 3rd bedroom of our home. I took over the nursery when my sons grew and turned it into a studio space where I can work quietly, away from the mayhem of home life. I have everything I need there, my printer, laptop, and inspiration to hand. Plus I can still be part of my family when they need me.

I work alone. And I like it like that. I used to work in large offices before I had my children and the noise and chatter I find a big distraction.  But if I did have to work with someone it would be my partner Dan. He is great to bounce ideas off and makes a great cup of tea too!

I am inspired by nature and most of my work is influenced by this. So I pick up interesting items whilst on walks. A pebble, a feather, that kind of thing. I also love to have great design too. I have a Marimekko plate on my shelf. I love it’s simplicity.  Also my children’s drawings, their free flowing lines and deliberate markings always wow me.

I have no plans of expansion at the moment as there is no where for me to go at home.  I hope to start screen printing soon and this will have to done off site. Eventually I would love to have the opportunity to do this at home but that would mean moving to a bigger house! We will see.

Thank you Lou! You can get your hands on all the brilliant Littlegreenshed products in her online shop.