Designosaur – Jewellery company


DESIGNOSAUR is a new Brighton based jewellery company that creates striking and unique necklaces, rings and brooches from a range of acrylic and cherry wood. The pieces appeal to the excitable, dinosaur loving child in all of us with their upbeat eccentricity, whilst retaining a sense of style, class and above all else, fun. Designosaur’s signature pieces are laser cut renditions of dinosaur silhouettes and skeletons, and these have proved massively popular with Brighton’s discerning followers of fashion.

Headed up by University of Sussex Product Design graduates Jacques Keogh and Karli Dendy, the company has been trading since November 2011 and has grown significantly since then. Designosaur pieces can be found in a number of boutique shops, in the bustling heart of Brighton’s North Laines, as well as gaining a steady following on their Etsy page (dedicated website is under excavation), along with a range of brooches being sold in Brighton’s famous Duke of York’s Picturehouse.

The pair of plucky young designers are constantly on the look out for new inspiration to add to their all ready brimming catalogue of influences which includes; British design, Lomography, urban style, natural history and, of course, BIG AWESOME DINOSAURS.