Top 10 inspirational wedding invitations – 2012

Photo courtesy of Emma Case Photography 

Planning your wedding, don’t know where to start?! Try this inspirational list of wedding invites and you’re sure to find the perfect wedding invitations for your big day!

1 | Vintage Record with Sleeve Invitation – Buy Now

For the true music lovers, this invite is just for you guys. The invite is printed as a paper record that your guests will pull out of this little sleeve, just like a record! The Record sleeve design can be changed for a custom design fee. Colors are also customizable free of charge.

2 | Camera Film Invite – Find out more

Did your joint love of cameras and all things photographic bring you two together? Why buy invites, when you could make your own? This couple did.

3 | View-master Invitation- Buy Now

Announce your wedding in pictures with this childhood favourite toy, the view-master. Wedding stationery  accompanies it and it all comes wrapped up in a neat box for your guests to geek-out with.

4 | Pencil Us In Save The Date – Buy Now

This playful save-the-date invites guests to “pencil in” the big day into their calendar and provides the pencil to do so. All information and colors are customizable, and you can even include a brief note on the pencil itself. Love it.

5 | Tying The Knot Invitation – Buy Now

It is quite literally, the tying of a knot to represent the couple getting married. The loop that is fastened as you open the card and the more it is pulled apart, the more the knot gets tighter.

6 | Boxing poster invites – Buy Now

Vintage boxing poster themed wedding invites. What a knock out!

7 | Retro Stars Wars Save the Date – Find out more

Bring some Geek Chic to your wedding day!

8 | Balloon Save the Date – Find out more

Up, up and and away with this original wedding invite, details printed on the balloon and sent through the post deflated ready for the recipient to receive and blow up!

9 | London Themed Wedding Invitation- Find out more

A medley of British colours used to create a beautiful invitation, fit for a true brit!

10 | Secret Society Inspired Wedding Invitation- Find out more

Unique vision of a Secret Society. All very mysterious.