Seller Spotlight – Saloukee

Every month our Online Stalls showcase the very best creative sellers. This months theme is “The Power Of Love”, we have 18 talented creatives on show. Be sure to go and peruse the Stalls to find that perfect gift!

Saloukee is Stall 1. Lets find out a little more about them.


How did it all begin?

Paper and me have been acquainted for as long as I remember but it wasn’t until university we came really good friends in a making jewellery sense. After graduating and doing more internships than I care to remember, I decided that I missed my making so much that I should start doing my own thing. In 2008 me, jewellery and paper became reunited and Saloukee was born.

What are your all time favourite product you have produced?

I live in my Disperse earrings. Though they are just a mini version of the bigger pieces in size and concept, they offer an everyday wearable slice of papery perfection.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

Writing my book ‘Paper Jewellery ‘ was a huge undertaking and seeing it finally this week on the shelves of Waterstones, Piccadilly was pretty sweet : )

What’s your best-kept secret?

That I only listen to music on an even volume … odd numbers freak me out.

What is your dreams/plan for the future?

Making bigger, bolder, more ‘out there’ jewellery and to watch it be strutted down the catwalk accessorizing the couture catwalks of the world.

Do you have any top tips to help other creative sellers?

Stay determined, stay focused, stay true to your vision. Don’t get knocked down by those that don’t ‘get’ what you do, it will happen if you want it bad enough.

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