Seller Spotlight – Miso Funky

Every month our Online Stalls showcase the very best creative sellers. This months theme is “The Power Of Love”, we have 18 talented creatives on show. Be sure to go and peruse the Stalls to find that perfect gift!

Miso Funky is Stall 7. Lets find out a little more about them.


How did it all begin?

Miso Funky kicked off back in 2005 when I wanted to re-learn all the craft skills I’d enjoyed as a child. Cross stitch is the one that stuck. I’ve always enjoyed the action of stitching, it gives you time to think and so I decided to turn it into something more than a hobby.

What are your all time favourite product you have produced?

My all-time favourite product is probably the In Case Of Emergency Breakdance sampler. I just love the slogan and it’s unexpectedness in the medium of cross stitch. I also love that so many other people have gotten on board with it – it’s one of the best-sellers in my range.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

Being featured in the pages of the Sunday Times Style Magazine not once but twice to date has been a particular highlight. It was one of my goals early on when I set up the business as it’s such a well-respected arbiter of style. The first time was on my birthday – double celebration! Knowing that Delia Smith owns one of of What Would Delia Do? samplers is also very pleasing.

What’s your best-kept secret?

My best kept secret isn’t really a secret but I work full-time as well as running Miso Funky in quite a demanding role with a television company. People ask me how I manage to fit everything in – no sleep and obsessive list-making is the answer.

What is your dreams/plan for the future?

My plan for the future is to expand my customer base worldwide. I’m designing a new range of kits at the moment and collaborating with some really cool indie designers on some new stuff. I’d like to do more of that. Global domination will be mine eventually.

Do you have any top tips to help other creative sellers?

Plough your own furrow. Don’t worry too much about what everyone else is up to. Stay true to your initial vision. My personal motto: You must be tough and tireless. (That’s 4 top tips for the price of one!)

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