Interview with Dave Brown AKA Bollo – The Mighty Boosh

It is a pleasure to welcome Dave Brown to BlogAndBuySale. Dave plays the part of  Bollo the ape in the brilliant comedy The Mighty Boosh which features Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt. He writes, directs and performs as a comic actor but is also a very talented designer. Setting up APE studio back in 2007, Dave has worked with clients including BBC, Nike, Universal and Jimmy Carr to name just a few.

Dave has just finished working on Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy so it is brilliant to catch up with him and see what inspires his amazing work.



Where did it all begin? What was your very first design job?

First paid job was some typesetting to go on the plastic caps that go on the end of scaffolding polls! Glamour huh! It was for my landlord in my first year at Uni, he made them, he had an old damp labrador that smelt like burnt yeast and damp flannels. I got out of that flat as soon as I could!

The Mighty Boosh book was a massive success it selling over 200,00 copies. Was this something you guys were expecting or did it take you a bit by surprise?

We knew the fans would love it, we made an extra effort to make it special, rich, chunky and full of goodness, we never expected it to sell that many!

Is book design something you have always had a passion for? Were you also involved in the artwork itself? We noticed Mr Bingo crept in there!

I designed and compiled the whole thing, handed the artwork over to the printers, like many Boosh projects, we wanted total control so it was exactly how we wanted it, reckon thats what separates it from other comedy books.

The latest book ‘The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton’  how closely did you work with Noel when creating this? Does he just let you get on?

Again, I designed and compiled the whole thing, I gathered and shot all the artwork, most of the photography is mine and Noel trusted me to put the first edit together, we then went through it all and annotated, edited, added, created, twisted, tore it up and started again using jay cloths and putty but that didn’t really work so we went back to the original paper image idea.

Are you working on any exciting new projects currently?

I’ve just finished all the promo work for Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy which is on E4 at the moment. I worked on all the photography and design for the advertising, and I’m working on the DVD artwork next. Then maybe a book after that, we have tons of material already! I do work for pther people other then Noel though! I’m also working on James Rhodes (concert pianist) new album, did a two day photoshoot down in Brighton, its a live album, gonna be a thing of beauty like his last one that I did (obviously) also working on the branding of an Eco Lodge in Ghana for AfriKids, my charity, I’m an ambassador for them, check me out!

Do you have any advice for young creatives trying to get into the industry?

Listen, dont think you know it all, leave your ego at the door, make tea and always strive to have ideas behind your work. Ideas are timeless!

What is the strangest item you have ever sold online?

I’ve never sold anything online, sorry, I can make it up if you want, I once sold a see through newt to a russian sailor, (that ok?)

What is your all time greatest purchase?

My 1958 Morris Minor, Black Betty, she is a beautiful vintage bitch

Have you ever been in trouble for a piece artwork you have completed?

I’ve done some classic typos over the years, I’m a dick with spelling and maths, not sure I’ve been in that much trouble for it though. I did once draw a willy on my dad’s briefcase with a tippex pen, he didnt see it until his boss pointed it out, thats kinda artwork, and I got in a whole heap of shit for that!

What is the craziest project you have ever been asked to get involved with?

Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy

Anything to add?


Thank you very much! Be sure to check out Dave’s latest work Noel Fielding’s Luxury comedy on E4.