Interview with the Design Museum Shop

We at BlogAndBuySale are big supporters of the Design Museum Shop and all the products they feature. Their stock includes products designed and created by the world’s most well-known and well regarded designers, but also there is a particular emphasis on supporting and presenting new, young and emerging talent alongside the more classic pieces on display. We are lucky enough today to have our questions answered by the Head of Retail, Alice Marsh.



A lot of people would love to have their products on your shelves. What is the process the team go through to source your products?

With each exhibition we work very closely with the featured designer and the graphic designers involved to come up with a great range of exclusive products and publications. We search blogs, publications, design fairs and exhibitions constantly to try to find the most exciting designers around. Where possible we always ask designers to come up with something exclusive for us and sometimes we get lucky and something fantastic turns up at my desk!


What are the current trends this month? For instance at Design Week we noticed a huge amount geometric inspired products.

We’re getting festive now and this Christmas we are going with an urban winter wonderland. We’ve got everything from exclusive Giles Miller cardboard Christmas trees, Donna Wilson foxes, badgers and magpies to winter bike accessories, cardboard shed playhouses and animals!

Do you have a prediction for future trends?

Beauty with a purpose. There is a desire to invest in pieces that will last a lifetime, as well as the trusted design classics we also have some fantastic pieces from upcoming designers that are not only very beautiful but also incredibly sensitive to their materials and how they are intended to be used. Pieces like Sophia Fong’s measuring carafe really explore the beautiful possibilities of glass but also transforms the process of using something as banal as a measuring jug into a beautiful action.


We love how you always have products that are related to current events within the Museum. What future events do we have to look forward to and will there be some treats to look out for?

We’ve got some great pieces for the Terence Conran exhibition. A fantastic book published with Blueprint, a beautiful reinterpretation of the original Habitat bag and even the classic red teapot. Next year…Louboutin!!!


What are your all time favourite products that you have selected to appear in the Design Museum Shop?

The Wim Crouwel inspired wallpaper by Spin and printed by Cole and Son
was so incredibly beautiful and such an amazing collaboration. John
Pawson’s large white bowls were amazing and weirdly made me a bit broody. I always have my morning coffee in my Custhom mug and I love my Design Museum grid notebooks, I have all sizes and have worked my way through about 8 now.

You have an expanding range of Eco products available in your shop.  
Could you share your top tip to save the world?

Please, please don’t buy useless, badly designed tat for Christmas! A novelty lump of plastic will just end up in landfill…if in doubt get a voucher! Or better than that a Design Museum Membership !


We read recently about your relocation to West London in 2014. What is your dream location for the Design Museum if it could be anywhere in the world?

It would still have to be London but if we could move the city somewhere sunny by the sea,  Majorca maybe?

What would be on your Christmas List from the Design Museum Shop

One of Bethan Wood’s soft rock scarves, Hannah Martin’s silver triangle ring, Donna Wilson’s Circus arm warmers and big tree cushion, the Bibliotechque Molton bike print, the Amber Jensen Sightseeing bag, the
Another Country Pitcher, John Pawson wine glasses, Plumen lightbulb, a
Naj Naj bunny and the cardboard rocket playhouse…that should do it.