Animal Jewellery by Hooting and Howling

As children we spent hours playing with them and now as adults we can’t even remember if they have been car booted or donated to the charity shop by our parents! I’m referring to those miniature plastic animals that everyone had! Kat the whimsical creator of “Hooting and Howling”, uses these figures as pendants for her creations, so you never have to be apart from them again.

The jewels are all made with quality hard-rubber figurines by Schleich and attached with stainless steel chains or rings. Kat has some new very cool taxidermy style products to add to her growing range of plastic arc of animals too. Featured here are her ‘mounted’ tiger head, taxidermy style rings. The wooden shield is hand cut and the tiger head comes from a quality Schleich rubber figurine. You can find them all on Kat’s Etsy store now.