September Stalls – Winners Announced

Last month saw the start of our monthly online marketplace which helps support and showcase the very best creative sellers. Each seller is allocated an online Stall where they get the opportunity to show off their wonderful products to the world. Every month there are 3 rosettes up for grabs. These include ‘Guest Creative Pick’, ‘BlogAndBuySale Pick’ and ‘Most Shared’. The stalls that are awarded one of these sought after rosettes wins 4 weeks free promotion on the BlogAndBuySale homepage and also a ‘Sellers Spotlight’ interview.



Right time for the results…… OOOOooooooo…..drum rolllllll pleaseee…..

The first rosette is ‘Guest Creative Pick’ which this month was judged by April Madden who is the Editor of Digital Artist Magazine.  April has a keen creative eye and is brilliant at scouting out the very best creative talent. It was an honour to have her as our first creative judge. Ok enough from us, over to April…

“Fittingly for an event titled Pix and Mix, I had a bit of a kid-in-a-sweetshop moment when it came to choosing my favourite Stall in BlogAndBuy’s inaugural showcase. There were so many exciting products and ideas on show!

I definitely wanted to choose something with a quirky, individual vibe, and while I dearly love prints I wanted to showcase something that diversified beyond that. I love recycling and reappropriation too, and vintage clothes and the examples of repurposed porcelain jewellery this month were delightful and interesting, but ultimately I wanted to pick something that showcased handmade craftsmanship and conceptual ideas as well as a bit of thriftiness. And I didn’t want to pick anything with owls on, because that would be like, totally obvious to anyone who reads Digital Artist regularly.

After much deliberation, I got my final choices down to a tie between Zosienka & Rosie, and Alice Gabb. Both produce whimsically British-themed imagery – I love Zosienka & Rosie’s Lion in Pyjamas tote and their Walrus and Ship tea towel. Ultimately though, one thing convinced me of my final choice – King George by Alice Gabb. Look at his little face! Look at his spindly little arms and legs! And look at his highly decorated military companion Captain Bert!

Alice’s work is an adorable mix of Empire-era British tropes mixed with today’s informal, handmade aesthetic. Far too subtle to be steampunk, her stationery riffs off traditional correspondence sets in a tongue-in-cheek way. I like the exploration of out-of-date words in her Matchbox Books, being something of a word geek myself, but George and Bert really made it for me. I’m not usually one for plushie bears but these tweed-suited gentlemen with their solemn demeanour and hyper-attenuated forms belong in a 21st Century Brideshead Revisited. Now to convince Mr April to buy me one for Christmas…”

Thank you April. Digital Artist Magazine are very kindly giving Alice a copy of  ‘How to be an Explorer of the World’ by Keri Smith. Also Alice will be receiving a copy of their latest magazine (Issue 25) which is out today! 



Ok next up ‘BlogAndBuySale Pick’ which has been picked by ourselves.

With so many talented creative sellers on show, this was a very tough one for us! After a lot of debate we decided to go for……ALICE POTTER. She has a wonderfully unique illustration style which saw her being very popular with both us and our readers. We wanted to buy everything on her Stall! Well done Alice!



The last rosette is ‘Most Shared’. This has been awarded to the Stall that had the most ‘Likes’ and ‘Tweets’ combined over the 4 weeks.

This was a very close indeed but the winner is….. JOE OLIVER. He smashed it with over 50 shares in total! Well done Joe, your print work is stunning so we are very pleased to award you the final rosette.


The October Stalls ‘Pumpkin Pie & Spooky Eyes’ is currently taking place with 20 creative sellers on show. Go have a rummage and support your favourite sellers by ‘Liking’ and ‘Tweeting’ their Stalls.