Interview with Kigu Crew

We first featured Kigu and their animal costumes back in January so it is so great to be catching up with them today. They have had such a successful year but lets hear a little more about how their your journey began!

Hi team Kigu!

How did you both meet? Was it your love of fancy dress that brought you together?

We grew up together living on the same street in Ally Pally. It wasn’t really our love of fancy dress that brought us together – at the time it was more a love of skateboarding, hip hop, happy hardcore raving and everything else that goes along with that.

We have read you source your outfits from Japan…but tell us about how it all started? Have you been to visit the guys in Japan? And did you leap into online selling first?

We first saw Kigus when we were at university together in Brighton. People loved them, we loved them, so we went on a fact-finding mission and tracked them down in Shibuya Japan. We showed them to all our mates, everyone loved them. We weren’t desperate to be first to sell them online, but I’m pleased we were.

We love the branding, your website…etc.. do you both do it all yourself…or do you have Kigu friends that help?

All of the ideas for branding etc come from me and Nick, but the execution is down to a talented pool of friends who help us out – Matt Harriman, Jamie Brown, Jigger Pokery, The Hamish and Cambosh have all been a great help and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Your Events sounds amazing, Voodoo Limbo, Pass the Pumpkin and the “Spookify your Kigu” contest…who comes up with the great ideas? What have we got to look forward to next?

We just bounce ideas of each other and usually come up with about 20 completely crap ideas and just go for the three or four that are the least crap. Perhaps the greatest mastermind of Kigu party games is Jon Wright aka Bingo Banton – the idiot on the mic at most of our events. Next up we’ve got a massive Halloween Party taking place on 29th October. We’re putting loads of effort into it and it’s going to be proper! This year we’re going to have Spookify Yourself Zone where you can get spooked up for free on site, massive projections, a pumpkin bowling alley (fingers crossed), robbing for apples,  a Kigu Punch Cauldron and plenty of other fun stuff.

Have you ever won a fancy dress competition?

No, we’ve never entered a fancy dress competition!

Your range is forever building…what new costumes shall we look out for?

Over the next few weeks we’ve got a Lion, and Owl, a couple of Halloween surprises and more in the pipeline for next year.

What do you guys do for fun?

For fun we party, make music, eat high-class Turkish kebabs, go shopping, experiment with the ice cream maker, watch Arsenal lose and other stuff.

Thank you guys!

Be sure to check out their website to find out about all their Monster Raving Kigu Party! You can also find them on twitter and facebook.