Flamingo Magazine review

When Siobhan got in touch to say she was sending us a flamingo in the post, we at BlogAndBuySale had mad thoughts of us receiving a pink feathered friend that we could ride to work, feed fish to and call Fred…but what came in the post was much more exciting!

Founded in 2010, Flamingo is an illustration, arts and music magazine that celebrates doing-it-yourself. This is Flamingo’s online incarnation, which acts as a platform for showcasing creative talent.

Flamingo Magazine is published biannually by The Flamingo Arts Project, a three-dimensional illustration project that incorporates video, exhibitions, workshops and publishing.

The make quality is extremely high of this magazine, you know it is made well when it has that lovely paper smell and we couldn’t keep our nose out of the pages!

The variety of different styles from the illustrators was fantastic. The content within the publication is really rich. There is something to discover on each page and the content was not sparse on the pages. Ram packed with cheeky mojito cake recipes, a story on Sasha Katano and his spray cans, top tips on how to hitchhike, moving photographs of Chernobyl 25 years on and so much more.

This magazine is not pretentious it is just well made.

Thank you Flamingo Arts project for being so inspired and bringing us another fabulous issue of Flamingo.

On sale now! Grab your copy here.