Bright Ideas For Your Lighting – 10 Top Tips

It is our pleasure to welcome Camilla from HUB to share her Top Ten Lighting Tips. Fed up with the predictability of the high street Camilla wanted to bring individuality to her home. HUB brings you accessories for the home by British makers which are Handmade, Unique and Beautiful. We are honored to have Camilla here to share her wealth of knowledge with us all.

1.  Lighting can dramatically alter the atmosphere of a room and yet it is often left as an after-thought.  With any room revamp think about it first not last.

2.  Lighting has to perform many functions: ambient, radiant decoration, brightness for work and play or detailed work.  It even affects our mood making us feel down and listless when light is poor.

Decide what you want to be doing in a room and what kind of mood you want to create.  That way you will have sockets in the right place for lamps and chased in wiring before your plastering and beautiful decorating are completed.

3.  Versatility and layering are key.  Let’s break down a living room for example:

  • you may want to create a warm atmosphere for relaxing so you’ll need wall lights, maybe a table light to glow in a dark corner and definitely some candle-light


  • ceiling lights will provide brighter lighting for family fun and busy times – these can be spots or pendants



  • a floor lamp next to the sofa is perfect if you want to read or sew and need directional light



  • you may wish to make an artistic statement with a piece of sculptural lighting


4.  Why not use a piece of lighting first to trigger the decorative process? It really works and places an amazing piece of lighting at centre stage.  For example, this Mini Austin lampshade provides plenty of colours to pick out on the walls, curtains and bed linen.  The lighting ties it all together.

5.  When buying a lampshade consider the fabric.  A lampshade covered in felt can be almost opaque but it will give a lovely up-and-down light.  A lampshade made from a thin laminated tissue will be more translucent.


6.  Corners are not just for spiders – some shades come lined in gold perfect to illuminate but not highlight recesses.


7.  Use dimmers to soften light.  Equally, if you don’t like staring up at bare bulbs in a large drum then diffusers are a clever way of removing glare.


8. Invest in lighting as artwork.  Lighting can be so exquisite that if you give it enough space it will beautify any space and you won’t need to surround it with any other decoration. Eyes are always drawn towards lighting so make sure it’s stunning.


9.  Remember – cleverly curated lighting will look good even when it’s switched off.


10.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for it’s always possible to commission lighting which suits your needs and colours without breaking the bank.

For help with your lighting dilemmas or tips on where to buy contact Camilla at or visit .