Teela and Nina got in touch to tell us about their new online stationery shop they have just opened called Lettersketch. It looks really interesting! Here is what they told us:

“We’re a specialty stationery manufacturer currently operating out of Atlanta, GA. Our current focus is on blind impression cotton cover sketchbooks created with copper plates we had made to accomplish the deepest, most precise impressions possible. All of the sketchbooks are sewn by us (Teela + Nina), with hand stamped pouches, and a Swiss-red carpenter’s pencil to match. The paper we’ve used is FSC certified (made with windpower using the most environmentally responsible processes possible), pouches are 100% cotton, and the sketchbooks + pencils were all made in the USA. I’m (Teela) a graphic designer out of Atlanta, while my friend and co-founder, Nina is an interior designer in NYC.”