Interview With Love Da Popcorn

POP POP POP! You might recently of seen Christian, Martin and Tom AKA Love Da Popcorn strutting their stuff on Dragons Den. They managed to secure a deal with the stripy socked Peter Jones, who in our humble opinion is the best Dragon. You wouldn’t see Duncan Bannatyne in a pair of stripy socks. Anyway we shouldn’t judge Dragons by their feet fashion sense but our point being Love Da Popcorn have done good! It is a pleasure to have a chance to catch up with them on their recent success…


Hi Christian, Martin & Tom!

Firstly congratulations on your success on Dragons Den, BlogAndBuySale were watching and supporting!

Have you guys set a date to go to the cinema and share a bag of popcorn with Peter Jones yet?

It turns out Peter is quite a busy man so our invites to get him to come for dinner, play us at tennis, or help us bag popcorn often fall on deaf ears. But we haven’t asked about the cinema yet so we will think up something suitable.

It’s such an original concept, how did you come up with the idea?

Long Story- essentially Martin and Christian entered a competition run by Ben and Jerry’s- where you had to promote their fair trade credentials to win a trip to the Amazon. Martin had the “brainwave” of getting 100 Bens and 100 Jerrys in Covent Garden for an Urban picnic. They changed their names to get the ball rolling (Ben Jamaicanmecrazy Mclaughlin and Jerry Fairlynuts Hartmann), laid down 100 metres of turf at 5am without permission, and to claw back some money made and sold popcorn at the picnic.

It was largely a disaster- the security guard was super angry and made us move all the turf, no-one showed up, it rained and we are still waiting to hear about the Amazon trip, but from that terrible day we discovered we had made some pretty good popcorn and people were buying it! The rest is history.

Josephine is known for her love affair with cheddar cheese flavour popcorn (stinky stuff!) Are there any crazy combinations that you are in love with that haven’t made the cut?

Whoopsie Daisies came about when, late one night, Christian accidently poured white chocolate on our salt and pepper popcorn. What could have been a disaster turned out to be an amazing new flavour. Has to be tried to be believed.

We operate BlogAndBuySale only in our spare time at the moment (boo!)….have you made the leap to full time popcorn madness? If not, is that the plan?

We are also largely part-time poppers! Martin and I still work at Saatchi & Saatchi, which we love, though Christian has jumped ship. That lucky chap gets to make popcorn all day every day and drive around in our rickety purple van. He’s living the dream.

You have been compared with Ben & Jerry, what do you think to that comment and would you ever branch into ice-cream?

We love them! We changed our names afterall. I slightly worry about going bald like Ben but aside from male pattern baldness, we like everything they stand for. We think they’ve got ice cream covered, but we do have a few ideas about what cold snacks we all might be launching next summer so keep your eyes peeled.

We love your branding, it’s fun quirky, and really has a personality. The website is original and you can tell you guys have a real eye for design, is your branding all set to change now you have been taken on by a dragon?

Why thankyou. And hell no. Our brand is really important to us and we will never water it down or smooth the edges. Peter Jones’ team are really supportive of that as well and understand the value of branding.

What do you guys do like doing for fun when you aren’t popping?

I’ve forgotten what a life without popping is like to be honest. We often find ourselves walking around Brick Lane on a Friday night, delivering sacks of popcorn, and being strangely taken aback by the people who can just go out on a Friday. That’s a distant memory! But we have an amazing time at the events we do, and because we are all mates the whole thing is just one big adventure really.

If you had to recommend the best film to watch to compliment each of your flavours, what would they be?

Caramel Kiss = Romeo and Juliet- Baz Lurman’s version

White Chocolate = A recent fan described eating it as like “eating great popcorn and having your face licked by the milky bar kid at the same time”. And for some reason I think The Goonies is the film you want to accompany that.

Sea Salt and Black Pepper = Waterworld of course.

Amazing thank you guys! 

Be sure to check out their website to keep on eye on how things develop. You can also find them on twitter and facebook.