Robot Alien – New T-shirts August 2011

Robot Alien are back with some fresh T-shirts for the summer months. Run by Xander and his mate Dave aka Liquidlizard:

“We rule this world. Robot Aliens are creations of Doctor Bolt the Evil, insane and slightly camp Scientist. On a mission to planet Bonzo he “accidently “blew up the world, killing almost everything. What was left had been deformed and modified by toxic chemicals. Dr Bolt eventually got lonely so he began collecting the brains of unsuspecting Aliens, tearing them from their heads. He built his robots out of anything he could find: toasters, lamps, fridges and even old microwaves. What he didn’t expect was a war to break out against his defected robots and his Bolt Bots. Some robots wanted to protect vulnerable creatures and some wanted to destroy all living things.”

Make sure you go and check out their online shop for loads more T’s!