Interview With Mr Bingo

Some say Mr Bingo is the ‘Master of pens’, some call him the ‘Shoreditch Busketeer’ and others say he just f**ks about for a living. Well we say he is ‘The Big Daddy’ …. Mr ‘Big Daddy’ Bingo… hmmmm that sounds a little odd but all will make sense as you read on.

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome the very talented and witty UK illustrator that is Mr Bingo to BlogAndBuySale.

Hi Mr Bingo!

So for people who are not familiar with your work…..who the hell are you?!… offense …

My name is Mr Bingo and I’m an illustrator living and working in London, UK.

My legs are quite strong in comparison to my upper body.

I wear clothes everyday.

Brilliant! ….Do you sell your work online? If so where?

I sell prints here

I sell a postcard book of my work here

I sell a couple of exclusive ‘Hair Portraits’ here







What is the strangest item you have ever brought online?

A 1983 Big Daddy annual. He is a fat wrestler from the UK who was popular when I was a child.


Have you ever sold something you regret?

Yes this >>

I regret it because I fell in love with it after I’d finished it, but I also don’t regret it because it sold for charity.

Do you have a collection of anything?


I currently collect:

1. Vintage postcards

2. Novelty erasers

3. Vintage pin badges

4. Letraset type catalogues

5. ‘Modern publicity’ advertising annuals

I used to collect:

1. Vintage games consoles (1970’s era)

2. Trainers (sneakers). I had over 100 pairs at one point!

3. Vintage airline bags

Your proudest moment so far?

I don’t know really?

What are the cliche answers?

I haven’t had a baby or anything.

I got a ‘strike’ once at 10 pin bowling, then did a spin (a dance move), then downed a bit of a pint.

There’s a video of it somewhere.

Do you have advice to people selling their items online?

Know how to use social networking things like Twitter and Facebook.

Find out where your audience is online and make sure your thing is seen by them.

Sorry, this is all sounding too businesslike, I’m not a businessman, I draw pictures!

The best thing you can possibly do is make something that’s so f**king good that it markets itself.

If you do something amazing, it will spread through the internet on it’s own without you having to push it.

Thank you Mr Bingo!

Mr Bingo is currently involved in a project called Print Okushon which has been set up to raise money for the victims of the recent catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. A multitude of talented illustrators and designers have been asked to kindly donate a print that will be auctioned off via ebay over the coming weeks. Mr Bingo is one of these and his limited edition Mighty Boosh hair print signed by himself and Dave ‘Bollo’ Brown is currently on ebay….. go bid now!