Interview With Abilu Creations

Abilu Creations have been making hand made pieces of treasure Since 2005 – Abilu began with a market stall at Camden Lock Market, London, and has grown into a successful company selling online, supplying boutiques and major wholesalers such as Abilu has also designed merchandise for Diana Vickers and just recently launched with Filthy Gorgeous London in Debenhams.

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome Abigail Lucy Bruford AKA Abilu Creations to BlogAndBuySale.

Hello Abigail!

So what is it you do?

Hi Im Abigail Lucy Bruford now otherwise known as Abilu of Abilu Creations and I am a jewellery and accessories designer.

Trained in fine art – specialising in sculpture

Former Teacher in Art and Design and Design Technology. (Escaped the system to start doing rather than teaching it!)

Do you sell your work online? If so where? but to see some of my designs in the making and keep up to date with everything including discount codes by following me on facebook.

I have other outlets too that stock a few of my designs online such as folksy and Ebay plus a variety of Boutiques worldwide that is constantly growing.

What is the strangest item you have ever brought online?

A Birds full wing of feathers I guess, Is that strange?

haha…. well not that normal. Have you ever sold something you regret?

Not to my recollection, not something I have made anyway, as you can always make something again or a different version of it – unless it involves something that is vintage – I have sold vintage feathers before made into fascinators or combs but you can’t be too precious with your designs otherwise you will end up keeping everything and never selling them. My designs are made to be worn. I try and photograph things if they are a bespoke one off custom design so I have a record.

Do you have a collection of anything?

I am a bit of a collectomaniac I love things, stuff, junk, but I have been collecting Coca Cola bottles since I was about 11 and have a fairly large collection, although my flat in east London is not big enough to display them so unfortunately most of them are in the loft but I would love to have a solid wall of them one day.

What is your proudest moment so far?

Probably working with Filthy Gorgeous and getting my designs into Debenhams with them. Walking down Oxford Street and going in to actually see them in store. It felt like finally all my hard work was beginning to pay off.

Do you have advice to people selling their items online?

Make sure your photography is good

Have a good Logo/branding

You have an original product/stance on things

Be prepared to work all hours

Be passionate about what you do

Be flexible and adapt with time and trends

I would love to offer your readers a 10% off voucher code to use online until the end of March, just type in the code BLOGBUY11 at checkout.

Thank you very much Abigail!


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