Interview with Squiddles

Matt Daniels (aka stickypop) is the founder, original designer and illustrator of Squiddles. But the thing that makes the brand so special is all the people who have worked together to make Squiddles happen. They include designers, photographers, bands and models who are all working together for such a special cause.

Squiddles is different from any other clothing company because we were founded upon love and loss; we see ourselves as a family who enjoy nothing more than creating clothing and sharing it around the world. As part of Squiddles, we hold yearly charity events in memory of Emma Wilkinson who sadly passed away in 2010 and from this we’re determined to raise a lot of money for charity, visit Squiddles Charity for details.”

Squiddles currently has a brilliant range of T-shirts in their online store with a couple of new ones which are available to pre-order now.

We love the Squiddles brand and it is a pleasure to have a chance to talk to Matt:

Hello Matt welcome to BlogAndBuySale.

So where does the name come from? How many of you involved? Inspiration for your designs?


Squiddles was originally from the charity exhibition I set up back in September in memory of my girlfriend Emma who passed away in July. From there, we raised just short of £2,000 for the Francis House Hospice for terminally ill children. I loved what I did but wanted to make a bigger impact in 2011 so I thought I’d set up a brand which is what we have now, a clothing brand; Squiddles, which then again in September will hold another charity show to raise hopefully even more money for the hospice.

We love the T-shirts so far, is there more to come soon? Branching out from T-shirts?


Wow, thank you! That means a lot. I’ve got a lot of plans for Squiddles, we don’t want to just be a regular T-Shirt company, we want to do other things but for now we’ve got a few more T-Shirts to come out with the help of some pretty big designers which we cannot wait to show you all! Eventually we’ll branch out into other pieces of clothing like Polo Shirts, bags and things like that, but for now, since we’re only small, we’re sticking with T-Shirts until we get a bit bigger. We do have a brand new T-Shirt out in a few weeks time actually, so keep an eye out for that!

Are you selling in shops or just online?


At the moment, we’re just using an online shop ( but we’ve been in talks about hopefully getting a few into other stores and other online stores. We’ve got the plans and the contacts, but it’s finding the best way to get us out there at the moment. Plus, we’ve just had our store revamped by the wonderful Rachel Shillcock ( who did a wonderful job – If you ever need some web designing, check her out!!

We see you use models to show of your T-shirts. Looking for anymore?! … Not us…. Maybe us?! :p


Haha! See, at the moment I like the idea of Squiddles being a small family of people who get involved together, we’ve got some really amazing models working with us but eventually we will be branching out due to some models not being able to work at a specific time, or they’re ill. We’re always looking for people to help us in some way so if anyone does fancy getting in touch with us, then feel free.

What is the strangest item you have ever purchased?


I can honestly say I’m really unsure what the answer to that would be, I guess it’s not the strangest item to have bought at all, but I have a slight addiction to buying T-Shirts myself, I think I own roughly around the 80+ mark of different brands from Drop Dead Clothing to Any Forty. I never wear them all but I go through obsessions with different T-Shirts haha. It’s a bit strange, I know!

Brilliant! Thank you Matt.

Be sure to go check out their fantastic online store and grab yourself a Squiddles T-shirt!