Interview with Pennycones

Pennycones (aka Lisa) is based in Derby and specialises in producing vintage inspired handmade clothing and accessories. She has a blog and also her own shop where you can purchase her wonderful products. She is an extremely talented individual with her own unique style that makes her products really stand out from the crowd.

Blog&Buy caught up with Lisa for a quick interview:

Hello Lisa! So where can we find your shop?

I have an Etsy shop called Pennycones selling original vintage and also my handmade vintage inspired clothing and accessories.

Fantastic! So what is your background? How did you do to get to this point?

Since being a teenager (a long time ago!), I have always loved secondhand clothes and spent many Saturday afternoons in vintages shops in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. Because of this, my style has always been changing and even now, I like to try out new styles. A couple of years ago, I started writing a blog.  It was just something I did in my spare time and at this point I also got into shopping on Etsy which inspired me to set up my own little shop. I decided to start making clothing as I love the simplicity of the vintage handmade pieces

Where does your inspiration come from for your products?

I think my inspiration just comes from the actual vintage patterns and the fabrics I find. I have my own style which I think reflects in the things I make and I like the idea of being able to mix a vintage inspired piece with modern clothing.

Do you have any pets and if so do they wear bow ties?

I have two cats, Dolly & Francis and nope, they don’t wear Bow ties. If I tried to put one on one of my girls, they would basically, scratch my arm off!

Have you ever won a competition?

Hahaha yes, my friends and I won a big tub of sweets for winning a talent show for being the band Five Star!

What is the strangest thing you own?

I own all kinds of odd bits and bobs but I think maybe some of the clothing I have collected over the years might be classed as strange?!

Thank you Lisa!

Lisa is also currently working on a new idea with her best friend kayleigh radcliffe were they will be collaborating together on Pennycones clothing.

UPDATE ** 2014 – Sadly Pennycones no longer operates but sure she will be back with something soon.